too good to bake too often

vegan chocolate brownies Emily MainquistHabits are interesting. Earlier this year I had got into a rhythm of writing a blog post a day. It was a tall order but there was so much I was discovering that I wanted to note for myself and to share. Even travelling did not upset the rhythm, but eventually general fatigue, severe laryngitis and neuralgia caught up with me. I know the majority of free-lancers and self-employed individuals will agree that our modus operandi is to say yes to every work opportunity as it arises. Sometimes this means we are burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines just in the nick of time and at other times looking at blank spaces in the diary hoping that seeds for new work are germinating from our business cards, mail shots, and networking. Having been in the first mode for several months, my health clearly paid the price.

All this being said, the vegan wagon rolls onwards and I haven’t lapsed into buttery toast or milky chocolate for comfort, I’ve eaten out with some success, and recipe trials have on the whole been well-received, notably an Asian tofu stir fry that has become a weekly staple, a sweet potato pancake batter adapted from Deliciously Ella is now  a weekend favourite, and some gooey chocolate brownies adapted from a recipe by Emily Mainquist (her book is Sweet Vegan) are too good to bake too often.

PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIES – 260g of plain flour, 340g of evaporated cane juice – that was almost a recipe stopper, because I have no idea where you get that, funnily enough though I had found something previously called Jaggery Goor which is concentrated cane juice so I gave that a go -it gave a sort of deep molasses flavour – you can use regular sugar. I also used less because it sounded way, way too sweet. I like brownies to be chocolatey more than sweet), 75g cocoa powder, 1 tsp baking powder, 1tsp salt, 240ml water, 240ml oil, 1.5tsp vanilla extract, 90g chocolate chips (my bag was 100g so I put the lot in). Peanut butter for the golden artwork on the top, except I used almond butter.

Oven at 180. Grease line a baking tray. Combine flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. Add water, oil and vanilla. Mix. Fold in chocolate chips (I will put some walnuts in next time too). Pour into baking tray. Blob on some peanut/almond butter and drag around to decorate. Cook for 20-25 mins. Check at 20, you want them to be a bit wet in the middle, they continue cooking in the tray before you tip them out. Cool for about 30mins. Ease out of tin and divide into squares. Voila!


Image via (I didn’t add the chocolate drizzle on mine)






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