success, failure and lassitude

courgette lime and avocadoI had a free Sunday yesterday and spent the morning in pyjamas reading, writing and reconfirming my political views with the upcoming election just a few weeks away, and then scanning recipe books for a lunch that could be conjured from the current contents of the kitchen. Who’d have thought brazil nuts, avocados, lime juice and mint with a good glug of olive oil would make a tasty pesto? I adapted a recipe that called for “spiralised” courgettes to perform the pasta job and instead stripped the courgettes into ribbons with the potato peeler and lightly fried them off before mixing them up with a serving of wholewheat tagliatelle and the pesto. It all made for a strangely refreshing dish of pasta that I would certainly repeat, and even though I had halved the quantities in the recipe I have enough of the smooth green and creamy pesto leftover to spread over breakfast toast or to use as snack-time dip. (The original recipe that inspired me is here.)

There was also time for some baking which didn’t go so well. Having made some tasty savoury muffins last week which have frozen well and that I’ve enjoyed alongside a salad for a home lunch and as a standalone travel snack on a busy day of car journeys, I tried to adapt the recipe for something sweeter. I am not sure yet what I did differently or wrong, but I think it could be converting those wretched US cup measurements into grams that have caught me out again. I have decided to stick post-it notes on the recipes I use and make sure I write down the conversions before I start.

Finally, carrot cake bites, except I just didn’t fancy getting my hands messy moulding the gorgeous mixture of chopped cashews, dates, raisins, orange zest and grated carrot into the current in-vogue ball shape, which then would require rolling in a bowl of desiccated coconut (although i wonder if cocoa powder might not be an idea for a luxe version). No, I decided instead to press the lot flat into a baking tray and fridge-bake. It worked. And, did I mention the mixture is spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg? It’s like a little bit of Christmas when I open the tin.


Image via A Cozy Kitchen


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