dining out

menu cover designI always enjoy the prospect of meeting up with friends and sharing a meal at a restaurant. I have a date to look forward to quite soon with friends who are ex-colleagues, who escaped a world I am still somewhat entangled in, so there will be a sharing of tales from life on the outside and inside.

Busy women, it usually takes a few emails to find a lunch date but here we are with a mark in the diary.  The only outstanding question is where? There are  plenty of restaurants and watering holes in town and finding something vegetarian has never been a problem, but mining the menus for something vegan could be problematical.

A call out on social media has come up with a couple of certain options and a couple to be confirmed. It seems it’s time for more vegans to eat out and create a bigger demand. It is not that difficult to cook something interesting without resorting to animals and their products.


Image source via imgbuddy.com


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