sugar blues (ii)

candy shop jarsUndeniably, chocolate is a beautiful thing. And, it is still a beautiful thing when made without dairy ingredients. There are numerous brands producing affordable high-cocoa content bars and gift boxes, and I’ve been making a heavenly hot chocolate drink throughout the winter with coconut milk which come to think of it might also make a great iced shake in the summer.

I accepted only recently that I had been ignoring a long-term habit for sugar convincing myself it was just a love of chocolate or nothing more than having a sweet tooth. I  continued to feed it regularly with each carefully purchased vegan biscuit that accompanied my cups of tea which could easily amount to 6 or 8 on working days at home. Then there was the weekly caving-in at the petrol station to a foil-wrapped hit and bathing in the false satisfaction of having resisted the 3 for 2 offers. Now, when I look at shelves of confection I see a drug all dressed up to tempt the young and the old alike, all given innocuous names just like other harmful and addictive substances: angel dust, snow, bubble, vanilla sky.

I love language and the way it is constantly evolving, how the English I speak is nothing like the English of Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare or Chaucer. I admit of course to wincing at certain new Americanisms like “alphapbetize” and “impactful” that nudge their way into the dictionary but to be fair these owe more to corporate-speak than everyday US. Why do I bring up the subject now? Because the Americans use the word “candy bar” to describe the kind of rubbish I have been eating for many a year and a candy/sugar bar is nothing like a piece of proper chocolate. And, that is the point chocolate is a beautiful thing; sugar is not.


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