vegan to go

vegan energy barsEating on the move is problematical. At home, I am organised with a good supply of vegan ingredients to keep our diet nutritious, colourful and tasty, but having been caught up in an unstoppable parade of work and extra family responsibilities, I find that vegan snacks and lunches-to-go are as rare as hens at the dentist: sandwich choices are few and far between, salad pots are impossible to eat in the car, and you can have just so many muesli bars, energy balls and green juice before you realise it’s just another sugar hit.

While there is less ink on my diary pages in the next month or two I have time to dig into this problem and mine the recipe books and blogs for non-sweet snacks, sandwich fillings and portable food that if necessary I can bite into while driving (not good practice, I know). Then it will be a question of pre-planning which might be a good food strategy all round as the “it seems ages since breakfast, what shall I eat?” approach is no longer workable.

As I reflect on this, it strikes me that individuals with food intolerances and those making dietary choices based on conscience or funds are having to be more mindful about eating in general. Standing back, looking up from a path well trodden always offers perspective, and, in my book, to be free even for a moment from conditioning has to be a good thing.


Image for coconut and lime energy balls via bitofthegoodstuff blog



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