kitchen marathon

runnersWhile thousands of runners made their way round the streets of Cambridge until they reached a half marathon number of steps, I seem to have been pacing my kitchen wearing out a track between my fridge and the oven. Admittedly I like to make the most of putting on the oven and as there was veg needing attention before the new Box arrives on Tuesday I was soon in my stride, beginning with:

  • roasted red peppers and tomatoes with thyme – ready for either soup or pasta sauce,
  • roasted beetroots, peeled, chopped and mixed with coconut milk, lemon juice and dill, then added to nutty buckwheat for a bright pink kind of risotto (served with sunflower seeds, poppy seed crackers and broccoli)
  • roasted butternut squash – ready to add to quinoa or barley for salads, with plenty available for a curry later in the week.

Then not forgetting my sweet craving (I am weaning myself of the white-stuff, see my blog post about Lustig’s book):

  • chocolate and nut butter cupcakes,
  • so-called ‘energy balls’ – this time using pre-soaked Hunza apricots, dates, coconut butter, and chopped nuts.

And finally, a supply of small onigiri, nori covered rice balls, with a hidden blob of pink umeboshi paste to munch alongside miso soup when I need a quick lunch.

Done now, and although I haven’t got aching muscles, me, my oven and my fully stacked out dishwasher have certainly gone the extra mile today.


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