the ripple effect

Ms Cupcake book coverEight weeks in and our household appears to be undergoing a sea change. We may soon be a one diet family. Teenage reproofs have suddenly and unexpectedly turned into enquiry and action. Cookbooks are being thumbed through with accompanying gasps of “this sounds good” and the mouth watering variety of vegan eating is realised through the fantastic food photography and ingredients lists.

Today the lure of baking has tipped the balance and I have been exiled from the kitchen to savour from an armchair the aroma of sweet vegan cake making; think chocolate, nut butter and vanilla all warming together in a moderately hot oven. I owe thanks to the cool and funky “The Naughtiest Cup Cakes in Town“, by Ms Cupcake for being too tempting for a teenager to resist trying. And further thanks to the inspiring Deliciously Ella as I’ve been promised a shopping list for recipe try-outs.

I am not sure what the exact motivation for this change is, I am just happy to feel it happening, and anyway whatever the reason it’s one more ripple in the pond of social and environmental change.




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