messy business

paniniThe most difficult challenge of late is dropping into cafes for a mid-shopping light lunch with darling daughter. I usually look forward to a break from the cosmetic counters as much as my DD looks forward to a break from book browsing – at least we both share a passion for the stationery stores.

Our go-to light bite is a toasted panini. Of late the options have strayed beyond the obvious sundried tomato, pesto and mozarella into more interesting combinations like goats cheese, spinach and beetroot chutney, but none as yet have strayed into the vegan zone. We usually choose two different options and then share half and half. I wash mine down with a herbal concoction while DD chooses a creamy mocha that leaves a frothy, chocolatey residue to be spooned out and enjoyed. More dessert than beverage.

Not wanting to cause a fuss on our most recent retail lunch, I convinced myself that it would be easy to pick out circles of melted goats cheese and just set them aside. It isn’t. It’s a messy business, totally unsuccessful and not to be repeated. Next time it’s no lunch or, at the risk of mystifying the barista, get the cheesy bits removed before the panini sees the heat.


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