cups, grams and ounces

Salted Chocolate CupcakesI only had one vegan cake in my baking repertoire that is a sort of upside down orange cake flavoured with vanilla. It is delicious but sometimes seems a bit wet, rather than moist, so I need to fiddle with the recipe. Part of the problem is that the original recipe is in US Cups and I have discovered that improvising by using one of my British teacups is not the most accurate conversion unit. When I learnt to cook it was all in pounds and ounces so I even struggle with the metric leap to grams and millilitres.

Today I have baked Salted Chocolate Cupcakes with an Almond Butter Frosting because I do get a sweet chocolate kind of craving from time to time and am not quite organised enough to totally quit refined sugar. I found a proper cook’s ingredients conversion chart and the resulting cakes are very light and fluffy with the frosting packing in a rich, creamy, nutty sweetness.

The original recipe is here. I just changed the frosting as I only had almond or cashew butter in the cupboard.


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