a big blog hug (i)

liebster blog awardThe lovely Zoe at Feeling Vegan nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award, which is like an encouraging hug for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. It is actually quite gratifying to get those likes and comments from people enjoying my posts, people I’ve never met, never likely to meet, but with whom I share some common ground.

The process for a Liebster hug is a) to link back to the person who nominates me, b) answer their 10 questions, c) nominate 10 other bloggers, d) create 10 questions for them, and e) go to the nominated blogs and let them know about their nomination. This keeps the oxygen moving around our blogs. Simple

For the record,  here are my answers to Feeling Vegan‘s questions. I will fulfil the other part of the deal in tomorrow’s blog (as I typically like to keep my posts short).

1) What are the most noticeable changes in yourself since becoming vegan/eating healthier? I only started my veggie to vegan enquiry in January. The main thing I notice is my bigger social conscience and political awareness. Oh, and I’ve cried a lot of tears over farming and slaughterhouses.

2) What 3 courses would you make if I (or any other vegan) came round for dinner? I am a novice vegan chef but how about: Carrot, Cranberry and Walnut Salad with a citrus dressing, then Spinach and Potato Curry with homemade Naan bread and Mango Chutney. There wouldn’t be much room for pudding but maybe a Blood Orange Granita.

3) What is the toughest thing about being vegan/having an alternative diet? Being caught out by products that seem to be vegan but aren’t. In terms of food: butter.

4) What breakfast gets you going at the start of the day and keeps you full until Lunch? Porridge made with coconut milk and with any combination of dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

5) What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt about food/diet recently? That B12 is an essential vitamin and not easily found in a vegan diet.

6) What is your favourite alternative to sugar? To be honest I fall in the “beegan” group and do eat locally produced honey. I feel the beekeepers are doing their bit to preserve bees.

7) What is your favourite food documentary? Oh, I can just about watch the trailers. They leave me raw. I did see Food Inc all the way through.

8) How do you make sure you get enough B12? I take a vitamin supplement to be 100% sure as I am new at this game, but I know to look out for fortified cereals etc.

9) Do you follow the Raw ’til 4 diet? If not, what are your thoughts on it? I never heard of Raw til 4, but I know that I do like to eat warm/hot foods in the winter so I don’t think it is for me right now.

10) What is your favourite juice/smoothie recipe? Something simple like raspberries and kale with some banana and coconut milk.

Part 2 of Liebster blog with links tomorrow……


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