scramble for lunch

scrambled tofuWorking from home I always take a break during the morning to walk the dog and a break at lunchtime otherwise I go screen-crazy, then I work through till the school run. In the winter my go-to lunch is soup and I vary the ingredients and colours as much as possible. I might eat it with rye bread, crusty white baguette or rice cakes. There was a time I used to eat eggs for lunch: scrambled, boiled or poached; they were quick, easy and nutritious.

Scrambled tofu was something I have come across in my recipe browsing. So today I gave it a try and was not disappointed. I got some tips from a blog post here. When someone says “fry an onion, because as we know, a good fried onion is the start of all good things” I knew I was with a kindred spirit. I also like recipes where you can work with whatever is in the fridge or larder so that the bubble of anticipation for a dish is not punctured by a missing ingredient.

Anyway, it is so easy. Fry the said onion (I also added some red pepper). Crumble in the firm tofu which I squeezed between kitchen paper first to sponge out some of the water. Stir this all up. Add a dessert spoon of soy sauce, a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric and cook. While this was finishing I toasted a heaped spoon of sunflower seeds and chopped a big handful of parsley, stirring these in before serving with a spoonful of nutritional yeast. Very happy with the golden, tasty outcome. I can see this becoming a staple kind of lunch.


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