naan better than homemade

naan breadThe sneaky milk powder ingredient has caught me out again. I put together a delicious, if I do say so myself, potato and spinach curry tonight with a fresh undercurrent of ginger. Not wanting to cook rice again this week, I decided to buy some naan bread on the way home to tear and share. They’re so soft and light I should have guessed there would be some milk in the mix.

This has highlighted two issues for me. Firstly, when buying processed or pre-prepared foods I have to think of them as a collection of ingredients and as such make sure I read labels before I buy, not as I am disposing of the packaging. Secondly, to think more in advance about what we are going to eat so that there is an opportunity for homemade options. I found some simple and varied vegan naan recipes on the internet that have far fewer ingredients than the shop bought ones, so I will give one of these a try on our next curry night.





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