thursday update (iv)

note to self post it note1. No need to worry about my work trips to Moscow, eating out vegan style is doable, but I will pack miso soup sachets, porridge oats, and seed mixes.

2. Caring about the food I eat and the way it is farmed and produced cannot be separated from acquiring greater political awareness e.g. the scandalous TTIP and the even more scandalous realisation that something so far reaching is outside of the democratic process.

3. Sometimes sweet, chunky, milk chocolate is the only thing that will do. But I haven’t given up on the idea that whatever it is in my body that craves this food can’t be satisfied by something vegan.

4. Life is not too short to stuff portobello mushrooms, which are apparently just grown-up button mushrooms.

5. Best soup of the week: another carrot favourite this time roasted with orange zest and caraway seeds before blitzing with stock.


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