to stuff or not to stuff

Back in thmushrooms onions spinache 1970s, author Shirley Conran coined the mantra “life’s too short to stuff a mushroom”. It was from her then feminist must-read called SuperWoman. Today I fear I have let the sisterhood down by actively searching out a vegan recipe to make the most of a pack of plump velvety portobello mushrooms, each the size of an espresso saucer.

It turned out well with a few modifications for the ingredients to hand, but essentially I brushed on a tamari/olive oil marinade and then mixed a stuffing that included walnuts, spinach, garlic, and herbs. A roasted red pepper coulis (essentially blitz them unmercifully until smooth) made for a rich, silky accompaniment even though my timings weren’t great and I didn’t bother with removing the skins or blackened bits.

So my take is that stuffing mushrooms should not be a feminist issue, just do it, serve with a small portion of white basmati rice and a generous spoon of red pepper coulis and enjoy.

The original recipe is here at


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