when only sweet chocolate will do

melted milk chocolateI am not sure if it was the early start, the four hour flight or just the pace of the last few days away from home but I found myself at Heathrow tired, with a headache and the prospect of a couple of hours driving (if I were lucky) to get home. I needed sustenance, something sweet, and I knew this was going to be tricky.

Looking round there were no surprises: a coffee bar chain with the usual brownies, muffins and oversized cookies, and a newsagents with an array of refined sugar fixes in bright foil wrappings. Zero chance of a vegan solution so I hit on the latter. They had the only thing that matched the physiological (and emotional?) need of the moment. It came in a purple wrapper, listed full cream milk as its prime ingredient and called itself chocolate, even though on investigation it has only 26% cocoa solids in it.

So there you have it, I chomped my way through a whole bar of sweet, fatty chocolate and enjoyed every bite for the way it soothed my depleted state. Question is how to prepare for this in a vegan way? Nutty, fruity kind of things just would not have done the job.


Image via An Edible Mosaic



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