from Russia with love (iv)

russian dollsLast day in Moscow until I return for a longer trip at the end of February. I have promised myself to learn a few more Russian phrases so that I won’t panic about venturing into the city to explore other eating places. However, the studio cafe did not let me down again today; a pumpkin soup seasoned with chilli and ginger to start, followed by some tofu slices wrapped in nori and then fried in a tempura batter. Very good and very filling, so much so that tonight I just steamed the last of my broccoli, loaded it on top of a small  dish of quinoa and tamari toasted seeds, and called it a day in the kitchen.

Home tomorrow and just realising that I have made it through the month of January with a only few minor vegan lapses. One of the biggest positives to take away so far is that I find myself actively looking for more variety in taste, texture and colour, as well as new and interesting flavours. Food in a way has got more interesting, if not exciting, which is an unexpected surprise.


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