from Russia with love (iii)

seaweed saladI have landed on my feet in terms of lunchtime eating in Moscow. There is a vegetarian cafe in the same building as the studio. This means that even if I wasn’t lunching with colleagues who can translate, I would be safe with a bit of sign language and pointing.

Yesterday, the set menu was totally vegan: a seaweed salad with a sesame dressing followed by a roasted vegetable ragout, i.e. stew, with a caraway-scented bread on the side. There could have been other spices like coriander or cardamon, I wasn’t sure, but it got me thinking about how to experiment with rye breads at home.

Today I ate a salad with warm tofu, aubergine and courgette all marinated in ginger, soy and sesame, and then chose a fruit and ginger tea which strangely cost more than my salad. It was a good tea, served in a transparent teapot so that the everyday alchemy of allowing fresh ingredients to infuse with hot water was visible. So much nicer than whatever they put in those lemon and ginger teabags.


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