dream v reality

gado gado saladWith a bit of extra time between appointments today I thought I’d sit down for lunch in a small veggie restaurant away from the usual cafe chains. I was imagining taking my time with a big colourful quinoa salad or a plate of steamed veggies sprinkled with crunchy seeds and serving of nutty rice, but it turns out veggie restaurant menus are not what I thought they would be. There’s a lot of cheese, and  a lot of beans and spices.

Having ruled out the specials as being too big for lunch, although they did include a tasty sounding Caribbean-inspired curry, and not being able to choose from the supper menu which did have an interesting sounding Indonesian dish, I turned to the light-bites. Now, a lot of people like chilli I know, and beans are an important nutritional component of a vegan diet, but I just do not like it. At all. So, with variations of chilli in three of the five options I was left with risotto or pasta and to be honest I cook those frequently at home. This left me with the soup menu and I finally settled for a satisfying root veggie concoction and a mixed salad that seemed to be suffering from SAD, but was rescued by the dressing.

Verdict, yes I will go again as the restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and friendly staff, but I will time it for the supper menu and try that Gado Gado.


Image via Indochine Kitchen


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