no, thank you

espressoLast year I would have called myself a coffee snob. I was in the habit of one, no more than two, cups of freshly ground, freshly brewed espresso a day. The whole process was a sensory delight, the dark, bitter aroma of the opened jar, the big clattering noise of the machine, the warmth of the first sips. I was the most surprised of all when I found myself saying no thank you to coffee. I had suffered a huge atmospheric headache over two days when I could neither face the ritual nor the intensity of a cup of coffee. This lead to a further three days of excruciating cranial pain as my body recalibrated from zero caffeine. I always say that I didn’t give up coffee; coffee gave me up.

Saying no thank you to animal foods also seems far easier than I expected. It is happening without any particular effort, admittedly because I was already vegetarian but also because every cell of my body is on side. There is no resistance and the only lapses are when I am not thinking and an old habit gets the better of me e.g. helping to finish the Christmas tub of Quality Street. I find I am not emotionally missing any item, and as far as i can tell I am not missing anything nutritionally, although I am taking a B vitamin complex supplement. This time I put the recalibration of my cells down to the shriek and the Te of one small Piglet (see also Benjamin Hoff’s book), for which my conscience, if not my memory, is grateful.


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