survival kit

nori rice ballNext week I am off on a short overseas work trip to of all places Russia. I am excited to be travelling to a new destination and to be working with some lovely people, but this trip raises one familiar challenge and one fresh. The first is winding down the contents of the fridge in such a way that I don’t need to buy any additional fruit and veg before Thursday. It looks like this will require some culinary inventiveness as the contents at the moment are: one butternut squash, the veg box cabbage and three carrots, a bunch of spring onions, some mushrooms, two shiny red romano peppers and a pomegranate. Oh and half a bunch of dill.

The second challenge is how to sustain the vegan momentum when faced with airline menus and Russian restaurants. My previous experience of slavic diets from trips to Serbia is animal-centric with plenty of cold meats, grilled meats and paprika infused fish stews. I will be catering for myself for breakfast and dinner so it is just lunch I have to navigate. With that in mind I am preparing to pack a survival kit of ingredients: miso soup sachets, porridge oats, a dried fruit, seed and nut mix. Then some short grain brown rice, nori sheets, and umeboshi paste – is it a bird? is it a plane? no it’s macrobiotic rice balls to the rescue.


Image via Food Everyday, Everyday Food


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