thursday update (iii)

post it note remember1. New word: carnism, and how eating animals is a social conditioning.

2. You can very easily get caught out when you are rushing around town, with no time for lunch and need a quick bite. A healthy looking fruit and nut bar and a green juice? Sounds good, until half way through the bar you turn over the packaging and discover skimmed milk powder in the list of ingredients. Why? What does milk powder have to do with dried fruits and nuts?

3.Ginger Nut biscuits are vegan – hurrah. They were my late mum’s favourite, so I think about mum now when I rip open the orange wrapping (her favourite colour) and tip them in the biscuit tin. I like to dip them in Red Bush tea at various times of the day. They do contain palm oil, though – that’s a nasty I would like to be avoiding.

4. I am not very good at making hummus. I thought it would be easy but I didn’t get the texture right nor the balance of lemon and garlic. Better luck next week.

5. Best soup of the week: Roasted carrots from the veg box, with cumin seeds and lemon. Blitz with stock. Delicious.


2 thoughts on “thursday update (iii)

  1. Simple but fail safe hummus recipe –

    I found two things that make the flavour so much better
    – cook your own chickpeas with bay leaves,

    I made some quickly the other day with canned and it was horrible.

    – use stoneground tahini – I have no idea why but the flavour is deeper and less ‘oily’ – or it may just be my brand, but it makes a noticeable difference

    – This person probably knows what they are talking about, but who has time to peel chickpeas?
    I always wondered if it would make a difference, as I love hummus.

    Also, I make a delicious hummus with roasted red capsicum (bell pepper) and paprika – I also add hot sauce (but that might be my own personal little obsession) – wish I could remember where I got this from originally and give them the credit.


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