veg box challenge (i)

veg box Every other week the veg box man arrives with a box of organic goodies. There is always a small bag of potatoes but otherwise it is a pot luck of fruit and veg. This week I am going to do something different with the contents. The tomatoes are not looking all that sweet and juicy so they will get roasted with herbs and then blitzed into a pasta sauce, maybe with some red pepper that I know is in the fridge. The tight ball of savoy cabbage I will divide between something hot with a balsamic dressing, and a fresh crunchy slaw. The carrots would work in that too although I fancy roasting them with lemon and cumin and then making a soup. The oranges and clementines, well if they are sweet I’d rather eat them fresh, if not I will poach them and use them for a vegan cake at the weekend

That leaves the potatoes, swede and bananas. For the first I fancy making a warm potato salad, maybe with rocket and capers (see Jamie Oliver), the second will go with lentils and coconut milk to make a daal, and the bananas?As the box comes with some recipe cards, the bananas will be rescued from their usual fate of being sliced into porridge and instead will experience the destiny that is Banana Pickle – a new idea on me.



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