shopping sweep

shopping trolleysI’ve never got into online food shopping. I like the physicality of going to the shops. I like browsing with my eyes and my feet, reaching or stooping to pick items off the shelves, and carrying the basket or pushing the trolley. I like to be able to feel the weight and shape of the unpackaged fruit and veg, and to sniff it if I want. I also like to pass the time of day with the check-out staff, makes it feel like a meaningful human experience rather than a robotic chore to be over and done with.

Supermarket trips however have become noticeably quicker over the last few weeks. List in hand, I do a typical hit on the fruit and vegetable aisles as usual, then make an arc towards the bakery section at the back of the store usually via the aisle that houses the herbs and spices, oils and vinegars – picking up something new for an untried recipe (juniper berries today). Sometimes I stop for some tinned supplies and then go to pick up alternative milks that we like, namely almond and coconut. That’s about it unless there are domestic goods to buy. I never did spend much time in the butchery or fishmonger sections but halting the dairy and processed foods has certainly trimmed shopping time and I am suspecting trimmed my waist. More of that when suspicions are confirmed.



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