eat more, chew more

rustic place settingAfter the epiphany of the weekend, it was great to sit back and enjoy the ease of someone else cooking for me. It doesn’t happen very often so I savoured the experience. I also ate without a second thought as I was lunching in the vegan cafe at a local yoga studio where I work from time to time. Chef proved again that a vegan meal can be tasty, nutritious, and satisfying. An earthy barley and chickpea salad, a colourful broccoli and carrot slaw, falafels and sundried tomato hummus all freshly made during the morning kept me going for five or six hours until it struck me as I sat down to write that I still wasn’t hungry.

It seems to be true that on a plant-based diet you need to eat more in terms of quantity to sustain calorie intake – no need to be shy about a full plate – and it also seems to be true that this then leaves you feeling fuller for longer but without any feeling of heaviness or lethargy. I also notice that I pay greater attention to flavours and textures and this seems to slow down the eating experience making me chew more and taste more.

So three weeks into the enquiry and one of the greatest benefits is simply a more thoughtful and imaginative attention to food than I have had for a long time; a more conscious approach to eating.



Image via Mouths of Mums




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