action meets compassion posterCompassion can sound such a soft word, almost a hippy-dippy kind of word, and yet it holds the power to change everything

Yesterday I learnt another word that has the power to change: carnism. It stands as the counterpoint to veganism, being the belief system the majority of us are raised with. It is highly entrenched. It posits that certain animals are born to be meat. It cultivates and relies on our denial about the sentience of these species and then it harnesses our silent collusion to perpetuate the mass industrialisation of their lives, their bodily and sexual functions, their dying and their death. It happens somehow when we are little, when we begin disconnecting from the natural empathy we feel and show to the animals in our picture books and at the petting farm, and from what we see for Sunday lunch on our plate..

I am glad I discovered this word carnism. It lead me to listen to an eloquent talk by Dr Melanie Joy and reminded me why I started this overdue enquiry into plant-based living. Having heard again staggering statistics and witnessed further scenes of oppression and cruelty that I cannot unsee, this enquiry is already complete in its outcome. My conditioning is broken. I am vegan.

Image via dear-world blog


2 thoughts on “compassion

  1. Yes! I read her book about three months ago and it really helped change my thinking. I thought it was so fascinating that all cultures do this, so it is a facet of human nature, but that we put different animals into those categories. It was definitely of the main arguments that convinced me to go vegan. Would I tolerate this for a dog or a human? No, then I can’t justify it for any animal. It is a powerful and fascinating idea. Her book is equally powerful. Highly recommended.

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