janusJanuary is named after the Roman god Janus who is depicted with two heads, being able to simultaneously look into the past and into the future. Janus presides over transitions, over beginnings and endings, so it seems appropriate that it is at this time we make resolutions for change. However, I have found that when making enthusiastic statements of intent caution needs to be exercised if I am not to come unstuck by week two of a brand new year.

This is why I made my exploration into veganism an “enquiry” rather than a resolution. If I had signed up for one of the popular new year challenges I know for sure my inner critic would be giving me a hard time for lapsing at the cafe this afternoon. I caved in and ordered a steamy mug of hot chocolate rather than tea when I felt overcome by the gusty winter wind and a wave of grief. I could have asked for soy milk, I know, but I really dislike it. The barista, who according to the back of her t-shirt serves the best coffee this side of Milan, came up trumps with a beverage that was hot, thick, sweet and frothy. It was just the balm for frozen fingertips and tumbling emotions.

Sitting and spooning out the last sips, I reflected  on the watchwords I had chosen to bouy me forward into the year, instead of resolutions on which to impale my year, and the world felt a much more connected and creative place to be in.


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