comfort food

crispy roast potatoesIt’s been an uphill start to the year following a family bereavement close to Christmas. We have had to dig deep to get back into work and school routine and although in many ways today felt the most normal it has been for some time, I ran out of energy as dinnertime approached. I have a hunch that the vagus nerve becomes raw when we are stressed and somehow carbs, fats and sweet things soothe it, hence the activity of “comfort eating”. Comfort food was indeed what was needed and something that would take only little effort, something like a plate of fluffy roast potatoes, very well seasoned and drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs.

A few minutes of percussive peeling and chopping later, I was sliding the slippery bits off the board and into a big simmering pan. I just par-boiled gently, drained and returned to the pan for a good shake to rough up the edges. Then a glug of olive oil, plenty of seasoning and into the oven. Exhale. Sit down and refrain from looking at iPhone. Be still and savour the waiting calmly knowing the the potatoes would soon emerge golden, crispy and incredibly fluffy in the middle.

Not a balanced meal to end the day by any stretch of the imagination, but for that full-tummy feeling, that warm and satisfied sensation, the plate of simple roasties did the trick.


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