winsome broccoli

chopped broccoliEvery time I opened the chiller drawer last week the broccoli from the veg box seemed to be begging for attention. When Sunday came, I knew it was only a day or two away from losing its vitality and bite so I set out to honour it’s gorgeous green nutty flavour with a new recipe.  I landed on a few tempting options: an earthy sounding soup with chestnuts which would help use a leftover pack from Christmas, a quinoa combo with lemon and rocket (arugula), and a tofu extravaganza with noodles. Excited, I went to the kitchen to discover that first of all there was in fact no leftover pack of chestnuts, that the only fruit in the citrus bowl were clementines and limes, and finally that there was no tofu left. Yes, no lemons left. No tofu left. The first is a travesty in any kitchen; the second unforgivable in a vegan one.

Downed but not defeated by my lack of store cupboard planning, I gathered up that winsome broccoli anyway, chopped it and steamed it, and then pulled it through some pilau rice adding some crunchy sunflower seeds that had been toasted and drizzled with tamari. A tasty meal was in the end enjoyed.  And then it was time to make a shopping list.


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