reach for the jars

kilner jars of grains and seedsYesterday, I had time for a complete cupboard audit, to wipe shelves, and refill jars. Glass storage jars seem to have had a revival. I think it’s a result of the vintage resurrection and the grasping for fading domestic skills like baking and preserving.  These days however you might find your restaurant salad or dessert served in a jar, in the same way that some establishments serve your food on a slate roof tile rather than a plate.

I  use jars for storage. I don’t like to leave whole foods in their plastic packaging because I have this feeling that either plastic leaches goodies out of the food or the food absorbs nasties from it. At the moment most of my jars are in cupboards but when the great day comes and I get my Pinterest kitchen, I would like them out on view. I find the natural colours grounding and calming , and I like the fact that I don’t need labels, that I can recognise everything by its shape and shade, except for the flours. There really isn’t any obvious way to tell your self-raising from your plain.


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