smoothies v soup

beetrootsI like smoothies. I like the smoothness of smoothies. They are thick and full of unctuous goodness, but I have to say I don’t especially enjoy smoothies in the winter. Spring and summer, yes. Blitzing chilled fruits to make glassfuls of bright, colourful nourishment is a pleasure. The night before, I just decide on a colour and pick ingredients from the freezer: mangos and apricots for an orange blast, berries and kale for crimson deliciousness. I then get busy in the morning, slightly tense it has to be said, as I press the blender on-switch for fear of waking the rest of the house. I did also succumb last year to adding ingredients that are meant to be good for me like baobab powder, but I am not sure exactly why and if they have made any difference to my overall well-being. Something to examine.

Anyway, extras aside, it concerned me for a time that I might not be getting all the right vitamins and colour in the winter, until I realised that my soups are my winter smoothies. It’s pretty much the same process except I have to cook the veg in some way before blitzing rather than extract it from the freezer. I get my orange blast from sweet potato and pear, my crimson deliciousness from beetroots with herbs and horseradish. This also stacks up with the feeling that I am eating with the seasons, cooling summer smoothies; warming winter soups. Just makes so much sense.


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