thursday update (i)

0108 Post it note Reminder

1. Olive oil solidifies enough in the fridge to be spreadable on toast or fresh bread. Pure and tastes fantastic.

2. Avocado also spreads well and with a few drops of balsamic vinegar* has revived occasional breakfasts from the usual go-to winter porridge sweetness.

3. Shock, horror, I don’t need digestive biscuits with tea. If I need a snack at eleven, I take one of the homemade “energy” balls from the fridge. I make them from whatever nuts and fruits are in the cupboard. Bind the mixture with coconut oil and nut butter. Then roll in desiccated coconut. It does the trick beautifully.

4. Check labels on what seem to be obvious veggie/vegan products and don’t assume a vegetable soup is veggie let alone vegan!  The take-home? Make more soup and store in trendy kilner jars in the fridge and/or freeze.

5. Miso is back on the menu, not quite daily. Best combo this week: leftover sweet potato blitzed with veggie stock and chopped fresh ginger. Add miso (made into paste first). Garnish with chopped spring onions. Quick and yummy

*balsamic vinegar is a fermented grape product, is it vegan? I do hope so.


4 thoughts on “thursday update (i)

    1. i love medjool dates too. For the energy balls, I really just see what’s in the cupboard, and I can also recommend Cocoa nibs (the chopped up little bits of cocoa bean). Sometimes I add these for a chocolatey hit. I recently bought some carob powder which I am going to experiment with. Thanks for liking the blog posts.

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