shopping (i)

0107 AsparagusThere is a treasure trove of vegan blogs out there with advice and recipes for ethical, plant-based living and I already feel grateful to all those authors who share their experience and creativity so readily. Yesterday, I was tempted by a lonely bag of unseasonal asparagus at the supermarket and a quick search soon gave me ideas for a sticky asian glaze with sesame seeds which made a change from the usual knob of butter and squeeze of lemon.

I find myself doing smaller more frequent shops that the usual once a week trolley dash. I think it is more economical but I haven’t done the maths. I have a veg box delivered once a fortnight, and do a whole food shop once every 6-8 weeks. So the supermarket is for topping up on fresh and frozen fruit and veg, and domestic products. It is also the place I buy animal products for the family, not a lot but I have to respect their choices too. I find it funny to notice how I need a deep breath to make a stealthy foray into those aisles and how I make the selections as carefully and quickly as possible. Very uncomfortable. Then of course I have to cook the produce too, but I find a small moment of blessing is the best balm.





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