cook books (i)

I must admit I don0106 Cookbooks‘t have that many cook books.  I am essentially a simple cook, or maybe I am just in a safe, read boring, culinary rut? I can hazard a good guess about what flavours might go together: tarragon and mushrooms, sage and pumpkin, cumin seeds and carrots, but I think this year is an opportunity to experiment.

To this end, I have bought two reasonably priced vegan cook books, one with pictures and one without, which seems a strange approach in contemporary media and also received a birthday gift, a colourful offering from Isa Chandra Moskowitz. There weren’t too many vegan books to choose from in the shop (yes, I like to buy my books in a shop), although I was tempted by some gorgeous looking, but expensive tomes by Yotam Ottolenghi, who although not a vegetarian was persuaded by his agent to take up the offer to write the now well-known column for the Guardian newspaper: The New Vegetarian. He wasn’t too keen, but it was a great opportunity for him and turned out well for veggies needing new inspiration. He said:

“I forgot the word ‘vegetarian’. I did wonderful food, I just omitted the meat and fish. It’s not about not having something in a dish. It’s not about what you omit or include, it’s just about celebrating vegetables as they are.”

That’s the spirit!



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