rethinking elevenses

cup of tea and biscuitFor as long as I can remember there has been a packet of digestive biscuits in my supermarket sweep. It’s the only biscuit I can control myself around. One is just right, and never tempts for another, so they accompany me through the day from my early morning licorice tea to a final warming brew of red bush in the evening. I am already pretty good at checking food labels for nasties (by the way what is a Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup?  – sounds like a failed attempt at something that should be pleasant), but imagine my dismay when inspecting the scarlet wrapper of the said baked good for its vegan credentials to discover they contain dried skimmed milk powder. Why? On another tack, I also discover from reading a fellow vegan blogger, that a well-known and well-painted Tomato Soup is not even vegetarian (“natural flavourings” = animal flavoured stock).

So, along with butter, my tea-time staple will need a rethink. Other digestive biscuits in my opinion have never stacked up to the original, so either I switch to a different off-the-shelf biscuit (I hear ginger biscuits fare better in the vegan enquiry), bake something myself, or change the habit of a lifetime and drink the tea for tea’s sake only.


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