miso magic

miso soupYears ago I was fortunate enough to start yoga classes with an Australian teacher, Karyn Chapman, who was studying Alexander Technique in London. Her place of study was the then East West Centre in Old Street (now the Open Centre), the home of Macrobiotic cooking in the UK. My life was opened up to the world of Iyengar Yoga in the 1980s and it eventually took me travelling to Australia myself where I trained to teach with the late, great Martyn Jackson.

Anyway, yoga reminiscences aside, Karyn also invited me into the world of Macrobiotics: the seasonal plate, the balance of grains, pulses, veg and sea greens, and one of the pleasures that I always forget that I love, the intense umami goodness of a bowl of miso soup. You can get a cup of miso in Prets and Yo Sushi (although the former I now discover contains fish stock), and even Jamie Oliver has a recipe, so the pleasure is commonplace, but why I got out of the habit of supping on a daily dish I am not sure. So, time to get the paste out of the cupboard, prepare some wakame, spring onions and silken tofu and enjoy the reviving flavour of magic miso a bit more often.



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