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Something has been eating me for a while, nibbling at the edges of my conscience: how difficult can it be to switch from veggie to vegan? Admittedly, I have been known to make the odd lapse at the sight and smell of a dish of king prawns infused with ginger, coriander and lime,  and the golden batter served up by our  local chippie is about as good as it gets, but I can honestly say I have never wavered at that undeniably mouth-watering smell accompanying a toasted bacon sandwich. Eating out is never a hardship.  Picking the “v” options is easy these days (they’re a lot less cheesy than they used to be) and most of the vegan cakes and biccies I have tried are delicious. So, it shouldn’t really be difficult to go with my conscience and live a more plant-based life, should it?

Follow me if you will, I’m going to take it one day at time, in fact one meal at a time, and chart the triumphs and the temptations of being the change I want to be. Diary entries will be short and sweet like the best butter pastry (oh dear, that’s going to have to go), but be warned, I will succumb to taking pictures of food, sharing recipes and blog links.

All pointers and encouragement gratefully received.



Picture credit: The Green Girl Next Door blog.




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